Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Proven Strategies to Help You Raise Funds and Awareness

One of the many exciting things about working on an event like the Central Park Challenge, is seeing how creative people are in raising funds and reaching out to their communities. It inspires us that people raise funds through book clubs, knitting, DJ-ing and plain old asking. It just shows that no matter who you are and where your interests lie, you can find a way to leverage your passions and hobbies to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities.

Fortunately, for those of who may not have time to spare, there are easy, fast and proven strategies that can ensure your fund and awareness raising success:

Send 20 e-mails. If five of those people donate $20 each, you’ll raise $100 right there.

Personalize your page by editing the text and adding a photo. Did you know that participants who add a story and photo to their personal pages raise as much as 10 times more than those who don’t?

Recruit friends, family and contacts to participate in the event.

Brainstorm! Think of ways to use your favorite social networking sites to drive friends to your personal fundraising page. Try our new Facebook application, blog about your participation,"tweet" about it on Twitter, share our video on YouTube, add your fundraising to your LinkedIn profile and more!

Let us know what works for you by posting a comment or e-mailing us at!

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