Friday, March 27, 2009

Fred and the Spirit of Service

Recently, we heard from Fred, a man who receives services from YAI. We were so inspired by his story that we had to share it with you.

Fred lives in Manhattan, in a YAI supportive apartment. He works full time as a law firm messenger in midtown with support from our Employment Initiatives Department, and is pursuing his GED.

One of the major highlights of Fred's recent past was attending the Presidential Inauguration. He traveled down to Washington, D.C. with his mother, saw a star-studded concert and watched as President Obama was sworn in. Fred was inspired by the President’s speech, especially his call to service.

“What he meant was for all Americans to work together to stick to our goals and give back to our country through things like volunteering,” said Fred, who knows a lot about giving back. While he was in D.C., Fred helped a local organization serve meals to the homeless. Back home in Manhattan, he volunteers weekly delivering meals to elderly people.

“I volunteer to show people that there are people that do care,” Fred said.

But Fred is doing even more, this time closer to home: In addition to volunteering at the Central Park Challenge, Fred donates his time and talent as a D.J. at monthly CPC fundraising parties held by YAI’s Manhattan Supportive Living program. “It’s important to fundraise because we want programs to help people who are fortunate like me to have YAI,” he said. “YAI has given me lots of opportunities and has opened the door to anything that I can achieve.”

When you support the Central Park Challenge, you are helping Fred and thousands of other people achieve their dreams and ultimately do their part to give back too.

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