Friday, April 24, 2009

Profile in Partnership: Grandma Betty Team

Today's post is an interview with Anna Perales, Team Captain of Grandma Betty Team and the mother of two boys, who believes in making a difference in her community. Thanks to her fundraising efforts and her employer's matching program, Anna has already raised over $1100 for the Central Park Challenge and YAI's Brooklyn Children and Adolescents Program!

Q: What motivates you to support the Central Park Challenge and YAI's Brooklyn Children and Adolescents Program?
A: I feel very strongly about helping out, walking and playing in order to bring hope and help to those who need it. More so in today's difficult times, it is an honor for me and I feel lucky and thankful that I am able to do this. I live in Brooklyn and so I decided that by making the donation locally, it might help potential donors relate better to my requests. Children are always my first priority. We used to live in Belgium and every holiday, my elder son would go to day camp based in the community where we lived, which included all youths from the area, abled and disabled. The groups were divided to include all the children and teach them to work and live and build their projects together.

Q: You have named your team after your grandmother. Tell us about this fantastic lady whom you have chosen to honor.
A: When I first registered for the Walk with my sons, Nicole Sheahan, the CPC Manager, suggested I become a Team Captain. My wonderful beloved Grandma passed away at that time. She was an incredible person and we all miss her very much. I decided to honor this tremendous lady by naming the team after her: The Grandma Betty Team. Some of the donations we have received have been donations honoring her memory.

Q: You have done a really good job leveraging your employer's matching program for employee donations. How did you go about doing this?
A: I just started working for GUARD Insurance Group in January. When I began sending off e-mails for the Central Park Challenge to various colleagues, I was told that there was such a thing as 100 percent matching by GUARD and that the Central Park Challenge fit the profile perfectly for matching. GUARD employees have been and continue to be very generous and the company is involved in many charitable actions. It is nice working for a company that cares so much for its community.

Q: Do you have fundraising tips for others?
A: I have been soliciting donations via e-mail and talking about it to people. I will be out this weekend with the boys going round the neighborhood. Isaac, my eldest, is very excited about it!

Inspired by Anna's story? Support her efforts!

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