Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet JoJo's Joggers

Today's post is an interview with Lisa Capoziello, a parent of a little boy with a disability. Her family's team, JoJo's Joggers, has been dedicated to raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities at the Central Park Challenge for several years now.

CPC: What originally motivated you to become so involved in the Central Park Challenge?
LC: My son Joseph, who was 3 at the time, was attending the the New York League for Early Learning William O'Connor School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. There he received services and was placed in a classroom of an amazing teacher, Ms. Gina Zizzo. Joseph was born with microcephaly and never in my wildest dreams, after hearing his long term prognosis, did I believe that he would reach as many goals as he had. I felt it was my duty as a mother to tell others about this great organization that had helped my son. Lack of knowledge of people who are there to help can be detrimental to children like Joseph who just needed to be given a chance.

CPC: What do you love most about the day of the Central Park Challenge?
LC: The most inspiring aspect of this fundraiser are the staff and volunteers who help to make it happen. Walking through the park on the morning of the event is always an emotional time for me. I think about how amazing it will be and how wonderful it is to see all those people who came to support such a great organization. My son's smile takes the cake as he goes to look for his sign and is greeted by all those YAI team members who recognize him from previous years. He is like my celebrity for a day; I am proud to show how far he has come and he is proud too! It is a great day for my entire family!

CPC: What's your favorite memory from attending the Central Park Challenge?
LC: My favorite memory from the CPC had to be last year when David Eigenberg told the entire country on Channel 7 News how he was hanging out with his friend JOJO! I was utterly star struck and impressed. He told me how amazing of a personality my son had and all I could do was stutter. (I was beet-red and instead of thanking him, I said how I was going to see his movie [Sex and the City] that had come out the night before.) I think he made my day and helped me to realize that I am not the only one who see's how amazing my son is, and how far he has come.

Inspired by JoJo and his family? Support their fundraising efforts!

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