Thursday, March 26, 2009

Profile in Partnership

Rick Moldan, a Family Service Specialist, at YAI’s Long Island Project A.S.S.I.S.T., knows all about how creativity and community partnership can raise support for the Central Park Challenge.

Rick’s wife, Marian, belongs to a knitting group at The Knitters’ Knitche in Miller Place. Last month, they coordinated a knit-a-thon that ended up raising $1,500.

Sponsors supported a day of knitting, and one knitter worked with Pfizer, where she works, to match the funds she raised! “The group thought it was great that doing something they loved translated into helping people with disabilities,” said Rick.

“It never hurts to talk to business owners to see if you can come up with an idea like this,” said Darlinda Donlon, owner of the Knitters’ Kniche. “It was so much fun and brought together so many people from different walks of life. Everybody’s gung-ho to do it again next year!”

“The knitters told me that they loved fundraising for people with disabilities,” Rick said. “One woman mentioned to me that next year she will get her bowling league involved as well. It was very gratifying to see an idea, involving people from the community, become reality and mean so much to all those involved.”

Great work, Rick.

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