Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introducing YAI Autism Community

Have you seen our latest blog? YAI Autism Community is a Web site affiliated with the YAI Autism Center. It's a great resource for families and professionals who are interested in autism. The site is science-based, provides a variety of perspectives and reflects the abilities-based approach of the YAI Autism Center.

This week, Dr. Charles Cartwright, Director of the YAI Autism Center, has been blogging about Justin, a young artist with autism.

Are you a person with autism, a family member or a professional who works with people with autism? We're looking for guest bloggers. Send an email to the YAI Autism Community admin at

The YAI/NIPD Network has been providing services for people with autism for more than 50 years! When you support our Central Park Challenge, you are helping thousands of people with autism and their families!

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