Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Harnessing the Power of YouTube

Everyone knows that YouTube is the Internet's premier destination for videos of cats eating spaghetti, playing piano and driving taxis.

But did you also know that the YAI Network has a YouTube channel?  On it, we post all kinds of videos about the people we serve, our mission, and of course, the Central Park Challenge.

How does this impact you?  Well, you can post these videos directly on your personal fundraising page for the Central Park Challenge.

By doing so, you'll be sharing with everyone why supporting the YAI Network is so important. These videos highlight individual stories of the people we serve and show the many ways we provide life-changing services to people with developmental disabilities every day.

These videos can help you reach your fundraising goals because they're a wonderful way to help your contacts and potential supporters to feel a meaningful connection with the agency.

Visit your personal page and click "upload a video." Then, just select your favorite from our channel and share some of these wonderful stories today!

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