Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spread the Message, Grassroots Style!

Central Park Challenge posters and brochures are here!

About a month ago, we received a message from Anna Perales, wondering when the posters would be ready. Anna loved participating in the Central Park Challenge with her two sons last year and walking to honor the memory of their beloved Grandma Betty. They couldn't wait to begin spreading the word for this year!

"We have already been preparing the ground work by talking to local businesses," Anna said in an email. "I have also received the ok from Soup Spot (Cafe 31 on 31st street). They told me they would hang it too; a lot of people have soup there. Once we get the posters I will take the boys around the neighbourhood to put them up!"

Hanging posters and distributing brochures to local businesses is a great way for the whole family, including youngsters, to get involved with the Central Park Challenge and spread the word. It's a wonderful opportunity to tell business owners and their customers about the great work that YAI does to help people with disabilities live independently in their communities. By hanging up posters and brochures in your community, you are advocating for people with disabilities! 

Email us at with your name, address and how many posters and brochure stands you would like and we'll mail them to you.

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