Friday, February 6, 2009

Unexpected Central Park Challenge Gift

We always love hearing stories from the amazing staff here at the YAI/NIPD Network. We think they must be the most positive and dedicated group of people in the world, and they are also really creative fundraisers for the Central Park Challenge--probably because they know better than anybody how necessary these funds are for the guys with disabilities who they work with.

Recently, a staffer named Panya Jones in our Belvidere Residence, asked her aunt, Terri, to support this year’s Central Park Challenge. She was pleasantly surprised when her aunt contributed $750, even in this rough economy. Why did Panya reach out to her aunt? Because she understands the importance of the CPC both as a fundraiser and as a community event.

“To see the guys experience New York City and see the joy on their faces when they’re in Central Park is amazing,” said Panya.

Way to go Panya and Aunt Terri! We know there are literally thousands of more stories like this one. Let us know, YAI staff!

If you're interested in the Central Park Challenge, please visit our Official Website for more information. Thank you for reading our blog.

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