Friday, June 3, 2011

Look Who's Walking!

Need a little inspiration? Well, we're giving you a LOT

We are just so inspired and proud to share this next story with you!

All year long you’ve followed the story of
Xi’Xi, a YAI Network preschooler and the shining face of YAI and Broadview Networks Central Park Challenge. You’ve watched her blossom from a little girl who had difficulty maintaining her balance and only spoke a few words into an eager child who began to speak full sentences, tackle stairs and walk with the assistance of a walker.

And now, Xi’Xi is - quite literally! - taking new strides.

Today, Xi’Xi is walking!

"It was an incredible joy and an immense relief to see Xi'Xi walk unassisted," said Cindy, Xi'Xi's mom. "I was completely overjoyed. I cried."

To honor their daughter, Cindy and husband Pat formed a Central Park Challenge 3K Walk Team and, quite fittingly, have named the team “Xi’Xi Walks the Walk.” This team name represents all of Xi’Xi’s progress over the past year and serves as an inspiration for all of the steps that Xi’Xi will take as she continues to grow and reach her full potential. Show your support for Xi'Xi by making a donation to her team!

"We can all learn from Xi'Xi," added Cindy. "Pat and I chose to name the team "Xi'Xi Walks the Walk" because Xi'Xi is a determined human being who decides what she is going to do... and then she does it! Pat, Xi'Xi and I are thrilled to walk the walk the same way that we live our lives... together!"

Walk the walk with Xi’Xi, her family, YAI Network spokesperson Sherri Shepherd and more than 12,000 others on Saturday, June 4 in Central Park. There is still time to register!


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