Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bay Ridge Community Rallies Around Kids With Disabilities

You’re never too young to start fundraising!

Students at the YAI Network's New York League for Early Learning William O’Connor (WOC) Preschool boarded the Central Park Challenge fundraising train on April 28, 2010 and, quite literally, walked the WOC. The kids participated in the school’s annual WOC-A-THON, marching from William O’Connor School through Cannon Ball Park and continuing on along Fort Hamilton to cross the finish line at J. Carty Park.

In addition to receiving a big medal at the end of the WOC, the local community rallied around the children; Looney Louie, fan-favorite clown, entertained the kids with silly antics while local firemen led the eager boys and girls on an exploration of the fire truck.

While the WOC-A-THON successfully raised money for the Central Park Challenge, it also served as a fun-filled day for students, teachers and parents, alike. "This event is so wonderful in the way that it demonstrates teamwork to all of the kids," said Carolyn Ciregna, whose 4-year-old daughter Arianna is graduating from WOC preschool this June. "They all walk together and even cross the finish line together. The kids just have such a great time being outside, playing in the park, and taking photographs with members of the local fire department. It’s such a treat for them; the whole bus ride over to the start line everyone is yelling ‘It’s the WOC-A-THON today!’"

Carolyn and many other parents provided parental support and walked alongside the young children. As she spoke about the WOC-A-THON, and William O’Connor School, Carolyn gushed proudly. "I can’t thank the school enough for everything they have done for Arianna, so when I have the chance to give back in a small way I’m ready!"

Support the kids at the William O'Connor School today! 

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