Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I Run: A Mother's Motivation

Jennifer Wine, a mom of two young kids, looks forward to running the 5K in the Central Park Challenge on June 5.

CPC: Have you participated at the CPC before?
JW: Last year was the first year I ran the 5k at the CPC and I was a little sluggish.

CPC: Are you new to running?
JW: I am an asthmatic and wanted to see if I could become a runner; it really improved my asthma.

CPC: What motivated you to choose the CPC as your goal race?
JW: I have run in other races and I find that the CPC race is the most inspiring and supportive with the volunteers cheering everyone on. A lot of other races have great support at the start and the finish, but the CPC has volunteers cheering on runners all through the course.

CPC: Can you speak to the importance of physical fitness for moms?
JW: I have a 2 year old daughter and a supportive husband, who is also a runner. Now that both my husband and I are in our thirties with two children, being healthy is very important to us. Not just for ourselves but as an example to our two girls.

CPC: How are you training so far and what is your favorite aspect of it?
JW: I am five weeks postpartum and have been training for two weeks for the 5k to get back into pre-baby shape. I am using the "couch to 5k" running program, an eight week walk run program that has you progressively running more than walking until you can run without stopping. I've found this program to be less intimidating than others and it has really helped me to stay with it. I am a less stressed, happier and healthier person because of it.

CPC: Do you have training tips for other moms with babies or young children?
JW: The advice that I’d give other moms would be to get out there and try; it will improve your happiness and well being. Also, set a goal and run for a cause that you believe in.

CPC: What are you most looking forward to?
JW: I look forward to participating in the 5k for many more years and raising money and awareness for YAI and the wonderful work they do.

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