Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This year's biggest team? It could be yours!

We talk a lot about the importance of fundraising in support of YAI Network programs for people with disabilities, but the Central Park Challenge is also all about spreading the word. If you've been there, you know it's a diverse, inclusive community event that celebrates all that people with disabilities have to offer. So the more people you recruit for your team, the more people will know how the amazingness of YAI and the folks we work for.

What a great feeling.

Oh, but it gets better: THERE ARE AWARDS. Yes, we are talking official Gold Star, A++ recognition for your commitment to people with disabilities.

Last year, Broadview Networks, our wonderful sponsor, won the Largest Corporate Team Award. Broadview employees and families made a tremendous showing, as you can see in the picture up top.

For two years in a row, Jack's Team (at left) has been the Largest Family Team! Will they retain their title in 2010? They are a dedicated bunch; Jack's parents even wrote a blog post for us last year.Support their efforts here.

At this point it's anybody's game. YOUR TEAM could achieve any of the following prestigious distinctions and now is the time to start!

  • Largest Corporate Team
  • Largest Family Team
  • Largest YAI Network Program Team
Of course, we also recognize our top fundraising teams.
  • Top Corporate Team
  • Top Family Team
  • Top YAI Network Program Team
  • Top Fundraiser Overall

Let us know how you're doing in your recruitment efforts and we'll feature YOUR TEAM on this very blog.

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