Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grassroots Fundraising in Action--Central Park Challenge Paper Suns

Three cheers for the YAI Network's Alan Butger Residence and Kandice Hicks, who works at the home as a medical counselor! Alan Butger is a community-based home for 12 adults with developmental disabilities in Little Neck, Queens. Kandice has worked at YAI for two years this week (happy anniversary Kandice!) and was very impressed when she attended last year's 2009 Central Park Challenge. "It was really cool to see how many people were there, supporting YAI and our guys," she said, adding that her favorite part of the day was seeing the self-advocates at  the Erase the R Word table.

So this year, Kandice attended a Central Park Challenge Region Meeting for YAI staff and learned that selling CPC Paper Suns for $1-$3 donations is a great way to raise funds in the community.

Kandice thought of her mom, who works for a large public agency located in the Financial District. Kandice told her mom about the great work that YAI does and asked if she would spread the word to her co-workers. A few weeks and a few hundred Suns later and Kandice's mom presented her with $196! We love this great example of grassroots fundraising. All it takes is one simple ask to a friend or family member, who spread the word to their friends and colleagues. People are free to donate as much money as they'd like for a Sun, which they can then display to show their support for the YAI Network and people with disabilities in their community.

Kandice says that she's motivated by the people she serves. "Seeing the guys happy, that's the main thing--when I can put a smile on their faces," she said.

Get your suns today! Call Karen Bardavid at 212-273-6256.

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Rebecca Wilson said...

It's always great to see how dedicated YAI staff are. Two years may not seem like a long time, but that's two years that Kandice has made a difference for her "guys." Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Great Photo!!

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