Friday, May 29, 2009

Why We're Walking

Today's guest post comes courtesy of all the staff and program participants of YAI/NIPD's Astoria Day Habilitation

This year, our Central Park Challenge team is walking in honor of Boris and Marty, two participants at the Astoria Day Habilitation program who passed away this winter.

Boris (right) was an incredible man. He was a devoted son who
always talked about his mom; he was a loving uncle who enjoyed time with his nieces and nephews. Boris had a sunny personality and could always be counted on to make everyone around him smile.

Marty (left) was also a special guy. He loved to tell jokes and hang out with his friends. He loved to go to Atlantic City with his parents, and spend time with his family.

Both Marty and Boris spent many hours volunteering at job sites; they helped seniors at a local senior center, and worked hard with a variety of local community organizations. They both contributed to the Astoria Day Habilitation, to the local community and to the world around them and are both greatly missed by everyone who knew them. They touched our hearts, and we will always remember them.

Support Team Astoria Has Heart by printing out the coupon and taking it to Uncle Nick's Restaurant on June 6 for a post-CPC dinner! Or click here to support their efforts directly.

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